He is the one who sowed the seed over-looking the distress of the weed... knowing the ordinary character of mine he always tried to become my spine.... the one who lives on his own condition,he said is the one who can stand-by any situation... the trust in him was strong as ray,and i surrendered myself all the way.... day after day i was watered and build,and soon i found myself,cornered from the guild... the dream which he has ,dreamt for me was like surviving the wrath of stormy sea... i was told about the burnt of this vain,but till then, i had decided to take the pain... he realised he had planted the toughest tree who will fight until it loose all its green... i do not take pride in the green leaves,but in the strength of the baldness,he believes..... fighting,loosing and getting drained by the stack,but never ever did…

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Know Thy English: Advice vs Advise



This is a very simple mistake that I come across from time to time so thought I’d clear it once and for all.

Now, repeat after me –

Advice – Noun
Advise – Verb

Some folks, I can only suppose, are not even aware of the two forms and use ‘advice’ in both the scenarios which is incorrect.

So, when you want to say:

He gave me an advice.

You use the one with the ‘c’.

But when you want to say:

Please advise on the below.

You use the one with the ‘s’.

See? Easy peasy!!

Another word with such conundrum is practice. Again the same rules apply:

Practice – Noun
Practise – Verb

Peace out!

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