little me,with a tiny pony tail
back loaded with a little bag
water bottle hanging over my neck
school starts

little me,confused and blank
eyes running through
building,teachers and
tiny fellow pals.

little me,amazed and impressed
never before saw colored tree barks
orange,green and white,as if
trees were dressed.

ringed by trees,a small hut
was my first classroom
filled with pictures of
cartoon,fruits and flowers.

innocent me,sitting silent
watching the tiny fellows
sometimes smiling
sometimes confused

days passed,love grew
the hut became a more home
no worries,free me
just growing and grasping.

loving teachers,beautiful books
i loved all the hooks.

as i jumped
classes after classes
i developed some tiny crushes
now i smile
on all those jams
my puppy love and
spots of soft.

making friends
with helping friends
god!i was a busy bee.

exam,results,scolds and lauds
the only worry
was to gain marks.

little me,grew and thrived
last day of the school
now arrived.
teary eyes of my friends
grieved faces of my teachers
we all promised to boost and achieve.

lifetime friends,loving teachers
i was just blessed enough
my school was best enough

atlast,everything has a end
good or bad
i miss my school
from the core of my heart.



12 thoughts on “school

  1. Vell, my Dears, Ectually, after having lived this fairily loong life, with Manny Edventures, I’z cannot says that school were the Bestest part of my life. …It was not bad, though! Haha! Love and Regards to All. πŸ™‚

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