Why have i started feeling,divorced from the sphere?
why cannot i accept the happenings around me?
why is the world the way it is?

these questions often,
blow away my sleep,and
i am always left in,
robust dispeace.....

they find my destination,
different from them,
and are always amazed,
by my tandem....

eye after eye,
staring at me
finger after finger
pointing at me...

i end up becoming,
the ghost in their dreams,
my thought in their mind,
is flowing like streams....

the fodder of my tussle
is often cooked,
the efforts and attempts
are always overlooked....

i want to vacate their mind,
i want to wrap myself in ignorance,
i want to hide my dream,
i just want to disappear !

i conspired with the clouds,
to cover the whole of mine,
and endow the shower,if
the eyes find my sign....

as and when,
the eye gets dry
i want the clouds
to again cry....

slowly and calmly will i
depart from their minds,
and i wish never,
to come back and rewind...

the search of my cloud
came to halt,
as i packed my dream
around the brick wall...

the wall i built was full of eyes
blind eyes !
eyes in disdain !
i turned blind eye for every eye.

the miracle i found was
"ignorance is bliss"
though not always,but
sometimes it is !

all the way...
i bade goodbye,
to the days of hay.

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